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Lifelong learning

Yesterday, 2 May 2008, my students had their final exams in the afternoon. The night before, I got an SMS texting me on last minute tips for the paper. I did not reply. I guess, I would probably do the same thing if I were in their shoes. But, come on… do you expect me to give you any questions prior to the exam? I won’t do that. Learning is a long life experience. If you got an A, it does not mean that you are perfect or excellent in what you do. Some people excel in their studies and career, but failed to lead a happy and productive family. But, it is not entirely their own fault, it is what and how God wants it to be. Kun fa ya kun! Basically, I am not┬ápressuring┬ámy students to score A, I just want them to learn sincerely, not just for the exam, but for a better life ahead. I can’t wait to read and mark their papers.


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