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A week’s summary

This week, I did not over stressed myself. On Tuesday, I went to Nilai 3 after work, to buy 12 metres more of our theme fabric / colour for Muzani’s wedding this July. The date is just around the corner, yet no physical preparation were made on the house. I need to initiate something soon especially Mynie’s ‘thing’. Now, I had a nice stroll just for an hour . Have a look at some baju kurung siap, lining ones, which cost only RM20. On Thursday I went to the bank, finished some official monthly business and then went to Pasar Tani. I havent been to one since like 5 years ago. It is quite different now. The stalls are nicer, more colourful with new theme. The products sold were improved from last time. Added ones are, pizza (RM1.50 for slice and RM12 for the whole box). At least two stalls are selling cakes, some frozen kuih, kerepek etc. 2 stalls sells lauk pauk. 2 stalls sell nasi ayam and nasi minyak, 2 stalls sell chicken… come to think of it, there are only two stalls for everything. Every hawker wears the same apron. I bought 2 kuih pau (ayam and daging), a cooked ikan duri for Eddy to break his fast, a very moist chocolate cake and 3 RM1.20 jagung for the girls. Today, ust Ridhwan invites me to be the judge in the students’ Arabic Pentomin, but I rather stay at UKM to do some reading because I am not planning to do any experiment yet. Oh, my student Ihsan gave me a savoury from Mesir, its delicious, thank you!


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The bus arrived late. The registration of the students is supposed to be held at 3.30 pm that Friday, but we arrived at Kem Brindley, Kolej UNITI, Port Dickson at 5.30 pm. They had their briefing, ice breaking, leader selection, division of LDK groups etc and we had our dinner at 6.30 pm. Then I checked in the so called Chalet Pulau. port-dickson-1641

Both the girls were excited to see the open ocean and the beach. They cant wait to get their feet and hands on the sand. So, I let them be just before the sunset. It was heavenly. Later, we rushed back to the chalet, have a shower and went to the surau for the kuliah by Ust Nizam (staff of Kolej UNITI) until Isyak. The girls were cooperative, reciting the wirid together, and in one occasion asked to be ‘toiletted’. Then we had a ceramah motivasi on team building by En Saiful, also a staff of Kolej UNITI. The event finished at 11.30 pm. It was raining cats and dogs, but the night walk is on. Each students had to walk alone in the dark into the jungle. They are only guided by a string of ‘tali rafia’, and from what I have told, some boys just bumped into a large tree and hurt their heads. They finished at 1.30 am, but I did not join this activity.

The next morning, I knew they woke up early for their Subuh prayers and kuliah, buat I arrived at their ‘senaman pagi’ session at 7.30 am, alone because the girls are still sleeping. I followed their ‘poco-poco’ for 15 minutes and then rushed to the chalet to get the girls ready. At 8 we were having our breakfast in the dining hall. Later, we met at the Laman Uniti for briefing on how to use the compass. Apparently, they are going into the jungle again and they are going to get lost. And with only the compass as their guide, they have to find the way out. I joined them just before after they vanished into the woods. Aidah was bitten by the mosquitoes very badly, that I had to put the ‘balm’ all over her body. She did not complain a bit, as long as she has me to carry her… Arifah by the way, kept asking when she can play on the sand again. We dropped by at the Hutan Lipur Pasir Panjang by foot on the way back to the chalet. We were exhausted by the hill climbing that after we had the shower, the three of us took a good afternoon nap. I was awake at the noise coming from my phone. One of the students called, it is time for lunch. We had lunch, then head for Zohor prayer, and off we went to the beach. Arifah and Aidah played a lot of sand. .



Later, the students gathered and they were taught on how to build a raft using empty drums and bamboos. I played with the girls at the beach and found ‘remis’ by accident. Later, when the rafts are ready, we climbed on the speed boat and went to the open sea. It was great. The breeze, the scenery, the shouting of the students, trying to beat one another. 

Later, we went back at the chalet. Arifah was so tired and she is being so nice. I can tell from her face that she is very tired, but she just follow what I told her to do. We went to PD Sanctuary Resort for a treat of a BBQ dinner from the camp organizer, and stayed there for the night.


The next morning, Arifah played in their Sukaneka event and won two towels!! Way to go girl! I am very proud of you. After that I let them played in the pool, and at 11.30, we were all set up to go back to the camp. I was not able to attend their closing ceremony because, Arifah after being so active, has a very high temperature. After lunch, the bus came and we arrived in Sutera Indah at 4.00 pm. What a trip! I am glad that my girls had fun at the beach and on the bus.


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I am still obsessed about the latest paperback I read last weekend. It is called Mad about the Boy by Maggie Alderson. I know I should not spend a lot of time on this. So yes, I did not read it like 10 times, but I flipped through the scenes so many times, I can picture the whole act in my head. In fact that particular book is still laying under my pillow. How James is very sensitive of Antonia’s emotion, how they are really mad about each other, how everything is so wonderful when they are together. Antonia met him at the gym, in her effort to get slim again after a painful break up with her husband which turns out to be gay. Their encounter was a coincidence, they become friends and suddenly she realizes she is having a teenage crush on him. When I was reading, I was laughing and smiling and becoming jelly all at the same time. I enjoyed the book so much, that I tried to explain it to my other half. I looked up the author, and her other books. I would certainly read them. The last time I feel like this is when I read The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella in Stoke on Trent! I cried on that particular night because it is so touching… and my focus there would be the relationship between her and him. It is an art. I mean, you look at your husband and then you ask him: Can you guess what am I thinking right now? Most of the times he got it right, and sometimes it is not quite right, but what I am saying is; how many of us has somebody who knows you with just one look? I am lucky in this sense, because not only my husband can read my mind, my parents and a couple of names can too. I am so transparent, some people would say. Because I dont keep inside what’s bothering me, I tell people in my own different way. For example, I tell my students almost everything. I hope they can learn from it. Yesterday, I killed my 2 hours time while waiting to be their judge in an Islamic english song competition by going to Pusat Sukan to join the senam robik. And guess what, there is a gym there. And I tried all the machines, imagining that I am the Antonia, and James is beside me… their conversation… I played it all… So, that’s it. I dont know when I will be over this crush on James… wishing that my other half would read this book which I dont think he will, and understand why I am so crazy about this James fellow. So, moral of the story: dont read romance novel, you would end up like me!! ha ha

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