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A generalization on Malaysians.

This topic is very serious. I was on my way home from the laboratory in UKM, heading towards the library, PTSL (because I was supposed to meet Mas for her to return the MUET books she borrowed from me) when I saw a coloured girl walking down from the PPS road in front of the Dewan Gemilang. I stopped, and asked her where she wants to go. 

“Where are you going?”


“I want to go to the library, can I drop you somewhere?”

“Yes, at the Canselori”

Then she sat next to me in the car.

“Where are from?” 

“Sudan. Are you Malaysian?

“Yes. Of course I am. Why did you ask that? How do I look like to you?”

“It is weird. Malaysians never did this. Very weird”

Silent. How disgrace it is to have a foreigner took note of something like this.

“Well, I think I am different. I have been there, staying in a foreign country, walking very far everyday …. ”

“That explains it”

I need to change the subject, I dont want to condemn my race.

“I know a Sudanese, his name is Khalid. Do you him?


We arrived in front of Canselori building.

“I will drop you here”

“OK, thank you. God bless you”

Moral of the story:

1. People around you observe and judge. We are getting international, and if the foreigners can easily make this kind of generalization, we should think and act. It is true? How can we change this?

2. Why do other people think we are very self centred, and never care about others? Maybe because we never help others in need? So, think my fellow friends. What one thing that we do today, does not give benefit to us, but to others? Try making a list.


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I miss you, Ayoh!

Whenever I miss my dad, I would browse through his website: http://www.matzakaria.com. This weekend, I am not going to see him, as my mother and Asri the Pok Su is going to Trg. He is a great man, and I wish I can become like him. He comes from a poor family, and manages to work hard and changes his life with a lot of help from a lot of people. He told us stories about his childhood, which I could not imagine because it is unimaginable. His kampung life, his friends, his (our) relatives, all effected the transformation. He wants to help his people now, his 35 years being away from Trg, learning and searching, gaining experience has finally being recognize, he is on a mission to make his people to ‘wake up’.

The following is  written by him, in searching for a true friend who once gave him a few cents for school expenses.

A Little Too Late for So Little for So Much

But at last I did it. That had made my memory a bit “unstressed”. 2009 Mar 30 Mon ca. 10.30 pm. While strolling to Pengkalan Maras with MoktarMekAbang, my boy-time folkmate, and a cousin, for an ‘ikan bakar’ treat, told me that his workmate who I knew as Mahat, a distant relative of my father, had a elder brother who had passed away, ca four months ago, aged seventy plus. His elder brother, the one no other than that who had carved permanently in my memory. Which had been unweathered to this day by the heat or the cold of the night, or by the acid or monsoon rain. The elder brother who I knew as AbangWel who had lived nearby my father’s sister place Batu 6. Who had played such a vital ‘devine’ role in the making of my life during the period I was a timid boy walking to and fro in the mid-day heat, or wet of monsoon rain, to Sek Keb Bukit Tunggal to finish my primary school in the early 1960’s. And during this period of time, whenever he crossed me (and my brother) swarming with school folkmates on the tarmac road, on his bicycle either heading to Bukit Datu ferry for work in Kuala Terengganu, or going home, he never failed to drop for me a few cents. He never failed every time he crossed, even once. The few which was so much to me then. He was like MakSuCheBah who fed me in the school canteen whenever she saw I was hungry, and centless. So, while Mahat was stepping off from the back seat of the V6, I grabbed from my rear right pocket the smaller pack. Perhaps two or may be four, or may be more hrm, and asked him to pass it on to AbangWel’s widow. It was very little for once so much. It was a great relief, feeling like just arrive home from a long oversea away. A little too late though.

From his pages:


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Hi everybody. Thank you for coming, reading and commenting. I do enjoy communicating virtually, because I find talking in real life sometimes easily lead to bad mouthing and complaining etc, which is something that I tried to avoid. So, here I am writing again. One of my students, Azri asked this morning, ‘Where did you get the idea to write all these stuff?’ I replied; ‘What I am writing is my thoughts. It is not difficult to get in touch with your feelings and then write it down. Write whatever is in your mind. It is easy.’ and then he started writing his blog.

Now, back to my stories. We went to Pantai Bagan Lalang in Sepang last weekend, on the way in the bus in front of Bandar Enstek, we saw a lot of traffic police going towards F1 Sepang. We went to accompany and create a rehlah programme for pre tamhidi students from China (all of them are muslim from birth) and we had a good time. Half of them have never been to a beach, and as soon as they stepped out from the bus, they were in the water. I am really greatful that we did not decide to bring them to the East Coast because they might drown!



My girls loves the beach as well. I have no problem at all with Arifah, she just tag along with the Chinese students, but Aidah as usual is on me all of the times, except when I am in the water. We created games, who get the most ‘kepah’, bowling using mineral bottles, building sand castle, army games and running on the beach. We even had to do group discussions in the water! Can you imagine, they wont go into the lecture room for indoor activity and discussions. During the night the activity is eating, because the director of the programme Ust Muhammad Ridhwan Rajendra bin Abdullah had bought and marinated lots of fresh meat, chicken and fish. We had a great BBQ with a lot of baked beans, bread and salad; Madinah style. Ust Ridhwan stayed in Madinah for 10 years before he decided to come back and work here. Anyway, it is nice to know his wife, Pn Yusnita. She teaches Arabic languange too, but to adult students in Subang Jaya. We arrived home, at 4 pm the following day after another swim and play in the open sea.

Now, the next event for me is the Program Penutup Aktiviti Pelajar yesterday. The students called it; Tamdidians Talentime Show. Most of my students performed; English choral speaking, Arabic pentomin, nasheed etc. I took this opportunity to snap a few pictures of Cikgu Fatimah and Cikgu Rahim, my ex-teacher from matrik but now becoming my collegues. I am going to compile all my teachers photo in my FB soon. OK, that is all for now. Good luck my students; I hope you will get good results.



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