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In a police car!

Last night we went to my parents at Kg Sg Merab Luar. We met to discuss our family day trip this weeked to Awana Kijal, Terengganu. We were on our way home, when the car broke down in front of the police station in section 14 (I think). We sat quietly in the car (the girls are being very good), the place is quite scary being ex-palm oil estate. Half an hour later, a police car dropped by and offered us a ride. Arifah is really excited to be in the police car. Something big is in the trunk, because when we make a turn it hit the wall. Arifah asked the police what is that. The police said it is the ‘plastik mayat’. It is always there in the boot he said, in case he has to use it. Arifah always watch Akademi Polis of TV9, so she could not stop talking and asking. We slept as soon as we got home. This morning, my husband and I went to where we left the car, started it, and then he ‘blow’ the ‘exzos’ really hard… (ie press the pedal) and now I am at work using the same car. I dont really know what is wrong with the car, but he did. He said it is alright now, “just the matter of exzos tersumbat, kita blow dia ok la…”


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Welcome Siti Alimah….

Salam everybody. I am very glad that my computer works well now after it is well maintained by Syiby my 6th brother who is waiting for his SPM result and Ahmad Shukri Fatimi Yong, who just graduated from UUM and now in searching of a good job. My husband got a broadband from his sister Kak Fatimah Nor Yong, via a visit from his brother, Mohd Ibrahim Aidi Yong and wife, Nurul Huda. Since then, he has been online from home (about 2 months ago), but for me tonight is the first time.
It has been a long time since I logged in here. The utmost big event for me since then is the birth of my third child, Siti Alimah binti Mohd Ibrahim. She was born very healthy, weighed 3.72 kg nearly midnight on the 17th December 2009 in Putrajaya Hospital. She is on my lap now, as we speak. During my confinement, I manage to finish my sewing, a set of baju kurung, red on colour for the girls that is including Alimah for I have bought extra 1 metre of the material 2 years ago. A lot of friends and family came and visit us, both in the hospital where I stayed 6 nights, and at home. Thank you Pok Jo and family, neighbours, Kak Nor, Kak Shima, Kak Zaleha, Kak Laili and families, Uncle Amran & Aunty Hamsiah, Abg Lang & children, my lab collegues in UKM, Siti Masitah Elias (a true friend in need), Pak Teh Tahir and Mak Teh Rahimaton,and especially above all my dearest mother who decided not to see her mother to take care of me in the hospital and at home. The complications and the pains should not be written here, and my mothers cared for me the most. I love you very much, mok…

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