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And now its May already!

It seems just yesterday I gave birth to Alimah, and today she is already 5 months old, and growing very healthy and happy. Her new babysitter, our nearest neighbour Pn Shima & En Sabri with an elder sister of En Sabri, Cik Nurhaya Abdullah, treated her like a princess… I am glad that she enjoys her stay there during the day..
My husband on the other hand is busy working, handling projects of installing water tanks for developers, sistem pembentungan for several institution. He adopted well in the company and he gave a good impression during his first month. We celebrated his first pay check by dining out at Village View near Hentian Kajang. A good big Siakap sweet sour, big deep friend prawns and a lot of stuff… Thank you my dear, and I am very proud of you.
My husband’s younger brother, Syukri also got a good job and now staying with us. I am trying to be a good host, to provide best accommodation and good food. Oh, how I wish I can cook a lot of things…
There are a lot of birthdays in Azimat in April and May. Ayoh & mok….. 20 & 24 April. Dikya 28 April. Mynie & Hanief, Niza. We are going to celebrate them next Saturday. Niza is going to bake the cake.
I have to run gel for my plasmid’s double digestion now. I hope it is positive, I have wasted a lot of enzyme.


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