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Here is some picture of us in Rusila…
Alimah and her Ummi Cik
Thank you Zidni.


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New session begins…

Hi. This week is a torture. I gave 6 hours lecture per day, to 120 students each. And the subject: pure hard core physical chemistry. I saw a lot of confused faces. Dear students, I cant stop the lecture just to entertain one question on how to determine the north/south pole of magnetic field in the mass spectrometer! We would end up discussing about magnetism and electricity. Next time, keep your curiosity with you quietly and google it in your free time. I am not going to ask it in your exam!

Anyway, among others things are, Alimah being sick for the first time. I am quite worried so I went to the clinic but the visit was a frustration.
” Ya, ada apa masalah, adik demam ya?”
” Badan dia panas, tapi saya dah cuba kurangkan dengan mandikan selalu, lap dgn tuala basah, dan bagi minum air masak banyak-banyak. Ada apa-apa lagi tak yang saya boleh buat untuk dia?
“Bukak mulut dik, aa aa, saya picit pipi sikit ya, ha nangis nangis…”
“Selak baju dia sikit ya kak….. emm paaru-paru dia ok, cuma tekak merah sikit. Saya bagi ubat demam, ubat selsema, ubat batuk, dan ubat antibiotik ya”
“OK ya, lepas ni baik….”
1. She did not answer my question.
2. I did not come for medicine. I did not use any of it, and Alimah now is well after 24 hours of fever.
3. What is her advice to me? Where is the consultation?
4. So, my employer is paying for the medicine only?
We decided not to visit that doctor again (kira dah pangkah la), anybody can suggest any good family doctor around Bangi?

The school holiday is around the corner. My mom is going back to Terengganu, so I need a place to ‘transit’ Aidah for 2 weeks. Luckily Kak Shima with the help of Kak Nurhaya is happy to welcome her. Kak Shima is expecting her bibik to arrive tomorrow. Arifah will stay in TASKI for the first week, and for the second week I am planning to send her for KEM SOLEH in Masjid Nilai. So she is coming with me to work every day during that week.

I am leaving for Terengganu tomorrow, with Alimah only,  leaving Aidah and Arifah with their abi at home- its ok, their Cik Mi and Mok Su is there), travelling in Zidni’s newly repaired car, together with Muzani and mum et al (meaning, Alya Ashbi and Asri, minus CB). The special occasion is our cousin, Syamrin is getting married to Yasmin, in Kemaman. We hope the arrangements go well as planned.

More, Saadah is here to stay. She got a temporary teaching position in a secondary school near Kajang. She is being very independent at home and at work, she rides her own motorcycle to work! Well done. That’s it for now. Oh, this is our only family picture taken in April at Pusat Sains Negara.

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