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Good Luck to Ashbi.

Ashbi’s worries is “Why I am not worried about the coming PMR?”  That is what you told me two weeks ago. And you want to prove that if you always read, you dont need to read so close to the exam time. Meaning that we have to get on top of everything all of the times.

Ashbi, today is the first time I read your blogroll. The content shows your maturity. I am proud of you. You have a very bright future ahead, you are still very young… so don’t make mistakes. Some mistakes we made, we cannot undo. Some mistakes we made, cost a year or even 5 years of our lives. Some mistakes we made, effect someone’s life. I think if I decided to proceed becoming a doctor, you guys won’t be so scared to venture the same path. You are a gifted boy, Ashbi….

Ashbi, I remember holding you when you are a baby. You are the most beautiful baby in the world. And I remember deciding your name in 1995, I told you to look it up in Tanbihul Ghafilin, right? And you now have to decide what you want to be. Take as much time to decide, but dont take too long because we need to prepare for this decision of yours.

Whatever result you get for your PMR, I will always be proud of you..

23 Dec 2010; Ashbi got 8A in PMR. Well done, we are very proud of you.


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