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Alimah started coughing since we got back from Tiara Beach Resort, the 3D2N vacation at the end of November. Then she got runny nose, non stop. She was taken care of our kind neighbour Pn Shima next door while I am away at work. 10 days later she had high temperature, and when we had her checked in AzZahrah, the GP advised us to admit her to the hospital immediately. We went to Putrajaya the day of her first birthday around noon. Her chest was X-rayed, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was busy at work handling Program Motivasi for the students, yet I had to let it go and left it to Latipah alone. I was off from work up until Tuesday, when we finally manage to convince the doctors that she is fine. 5 days at the hospitals seemed too long. During our stay, Ayoh,  my siblings; Mynie et al, Zidni & Intan (so lucky for us that you work there), Muzani & Niza, Alya, CB, Ashbi and Adik. Also visiting is Pn Shima and her family, and also Pn Nor et al, our close neighbour as well. June also came the last day, bringing lots of gifts for the children. Thank you all.

ps Syiby (moderator MacMini) or anybody, could you please email me the picture Zidni took when we were together in the hospital? Whenever you are ‘operating’ the Mac.


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Taski Aisyah

Arifah has finished her pre-school programme, in Taski Saidatina Aisyah, ABIM.

The grand celebration is organised in a big hall in MPOB, Bangi. She took part in a play as a white bird, and it took me quite some while to find a full white attire. Luckily we found one which she agreed fit the criteria, and bought it in a shop at Nilai 1.

 The title of the play is ‘Balasan Gajah yang Jahat”. She enjoyed the play.

Arifah also took part in the nasyid singing, entitled Mari Bersolat and Salam Perpisahan.

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