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Week 4 Session 2012/2012

It is already week 4 of new session. We are warmed by good hardworking students but they need to learn how to get information on their own without coming to see us only to ask: Mdm, can we wear short sleeves lab coats in the lab? My answer will always be a question: What do you think is better; wearing lab coats with short sleeves or not wearing it at all? Some of the time, they dont get the instruction almost immediately after the one hour class. I do believe that our young today should be thought how to become interested in what they learn, not just scoring A. Some even brought the empty burette to me and asked: Mdm, can you show me where is the initial reading and the final reading is? My thoughts are: have you touched a burette before? Do you know how it works? And these are the people whom their parents gave high hopes to become doctors; which eventually will end up selling paracetamol and antibiotics at local GP. How do we developed the minds of our people?


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