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On 28 April 2012, we went to a burung puyuh farm situated in Linggi. We travelled with my KTS1 students on the bus. The girls are really enjoying themselves, playing with the birds and getting a lot of attention from my students. We feast on puyuh goreng berempah afterwards. Then, we went to Bandaraya Melaka for a spin on the Menara Taming Sari. It has been so long since I update this blog that I dont know how to upload the photos. I went to an IT course today and browsing through the schedule for the year’s training session, and noticed that there are wordpress 2.0 being trained to us. How exciting!


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Here is some picture of us in Rusila…
Alimah and her Ummi Cik
Thank you Zidni.

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I just looked up Zidni’s blog. A good presentation of our family day trip in Awana Kijal last month. I just want to paste the link here, for my record, or for anybody else who wants to see me/us there, because Zidni pasted a lot of picture!! Enjoy.

Family Get Away in Kijal I

Family Get Away in Kijal II

Family Get Away in Kijal III

Kijal Get Away Closing Ceremony

Kijal Rusila Manir

Visiting Relatives in Terengganu

That’s all for now, I hope Zidni don’t mind. Bye, see you soon…

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Hi everybody. Thank you for coming, reading and commenting. I do enjoy communicating virtually, because I find talking in real life sometimes easily lead to bad mouthing and complaining etc, which is something that I tried to avoid. So, here I am writing again. One of my students, Azri asked this morning, ‘Where did you get the idea to write all these stuff?’ I replied; ‘What I am writing is my thoughts. It is not difficult to get in touch with your feelings and then write it down. Write whatever is in your mind. It is easy.’ and then he started writing his blog.

Now, back to my stories. We went to Pantai Bagan Lalang in Sepang last weekend, on the way in the bus in front of Bandar Enstek, we saw a lot of traffic police going towards F1 Sepang. We went to accompany and create a rehlah programme for pre tamhidi students from China (all of them are muslim from birth) and we had a good time. Half of them have never been to a beach, and as soon as they stepped out from the bus, they were in the water. I am really greatful that we did not decide to bring them to the East Coast because they might drown!



My girls loves the beach as well. I have no problem at all with Arifah, she just tag along with the Chinese students, but Aidah as usual is on me all of the times, except when I am in the water. We created games, who get the most ‘kepah’, bowling using mineral bottles, building sand castle, army games and running on the beach. We even had to do group discussions in the water! Can you imagine, they wont go into the lecture room for indoor activity and discussions. During the night the activity is eating, because the director of the programme Ust Muhammad Ridhwan Rajendra bin Abdullah had bought and marinated lots of fresh meat, chicken and fish. We had a great BBQ with a lot of baked beans, bread and salad; Madinah style. Ust Ridhwan stayed in Madinah for 10 years before he decided to come back and work here. Anyway, it is nice to know his wife, Pn Yusnita. She teaches Arabic languange too, but to adult students in Subang Jaya. We arrived home, at 4 pm the following day after another swim and play in the open sea.

Now, the next event for me is the Program Penutup Aktiviti Pelajar yesterday. The students called it; Tamdidians Talentime Show. Most of my students performed; English choral speaking, Arabic pentomin, nasheed etc. I took this opportunity to snap a few pictures of Cikgu Fatimah and Cikgu Rahim, my ex-teacher from matrik but now becoming my collegues. I am going to compile all my teachers photo in my FB soon. OK, that is all for now. Good luck my students; I hope you will get good results.



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The bus arrived late. The registration of the students is supposed to be held at 3.30 pm that Friday, but we arrived at Kem Brindley, Kolej UNITI, Port Dickson at 5.30 pm. They had their briefing, ice breaking, leader selection, division of LDK groups etc and we had our dinner at 6.30 pm. Then I checked in the so called Chalet Pulau. port-dickson-1641

Both the girls were excited to see the open ocean and the beach. They cant wait to get their feet and hands on the sand. So, I let them be just before the sunset. It was heavenly. Later, we rushed back to the chalet, have a shower and went to the surau for the kuliah by Ust Nizam (staff of Kolej UNITI) until Isyak. The girls were cooperative, reciting the wirid together, and in one occasion asked to be ‘toiletted’. Then we had a ceramah motivasi on team building by En Saiful, also a staff of Kolej UNITI. The event finished at 11.30 pm. It was raining cats and dogs, but the night walk is on. Each students had to walk alone in the dark into the jungle. They are only guided by a string of ‘tali rafia’, and from what I have told, some boys just bumped into a large tree and hurt their heads. They finished at 1.30 am, but I did not join this activity.

The next morning, I knew they woke up early for their Subuh prayers and kuliah, buat I arrived at their ‘senaman pagi’ session at 7.30 am, alone because the girls are still sleeping. I followed their ‘poco-poco’ for 15 minutes and then rushed to the chalet to get the girls ready. At 8 we were having our breakfast in the dining hall. Later, we met at the Laman Uniti for briefing on how to use the compass. Apparently, they are going into the jungle again and they are going to get lost. And with only the compass as their guide, they have to find the way out. I joined them just before after they vanished into the woods. Aidah was bitten by the mosquitoes very badly, that I had to put the ‘balm’ all over her body. She did not complain a bit, as long as she has me to carry her… Arifah by the way, kept asking when she can play on the sand again. We dropped by at the Hutan Lipur Pasir Panjang by foot on the way back to the chalet. We were exhausted by the hill climbing that after we had the shower, the three of us took a good afternoon nap. I was awake at the noise coming from my phone. One of the students called, it is time for lunch. We had lunch, then head for Zohor prayer, and off we went to the beach. Arifah and Aidah played a lot of sand. .



Later, the students gathered and they were taught on how to build a raft using empty drums and bamboos. I played with the girls at the beach and found ‘remis’ by accident. Later, when the rafts are ready, we climbed on the speed boat and went to the open sea. It was great. The breeze, the scenery, the shouting of the students, trying to beat one another. 

Later, we went back at the chalet. Arifah was so tired and she is being so nice. I can tell from her face that she is very tired, but she just follow what I told her to do. We went to PD Sanctuary Resort for a treat of a BBQ dinner from the camp organizer, and stayed there for the night.


The next morning, Arifah played in their Sukaneka event and won two towels!! Way to go girl! I am very proud of you. After that I let them played in the pool, and at 11.30, we were all set up to go back to the camp. I was not able to attend their closing ceremony because, Arifah after being so active, has a very high temperature. After lunch, the bus came and we arrived in Sutera Indah at 4.00 pm. What a trip! I am glad that my girls had fun at the beach and on the bus.


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I had a 5 days seminar in Quality Hotel Shah Alam, recently. Just get back yesterday. The schedule is very tight I could not bring anyone, plus I had to share the room with June. This is the chance to get to know her better, and also learn (English of course!) because she had lots of experience teaching English. We went shopping to Shah Alam City Centre and Plaza Alam Central. I bought a cake stand. I have to jot this down, the significance is; this is the first time I bought ‘glass ware’ (is this a correct term?).

Firstly when I was told that the venue is Quality Hotel Shah Alam, I did not have a clue where it is. But when I got there, I remembered going once to our lawyer’s office to sign lots of documents (housing loan) which is situated on the same building. So, I have to thank the organizer for being here I was able to finalize the outstanding fees and also get an update on the progress of the process.  And also, I managed to get the pin number for the e-filling of LHDN matters both for me and my husband.

Arifah stayed at my mom’s, she sent and picked her up everyday to Taski Aisyah near our house everyday for the 5 days. Aidah stayed with her babysitter in Nilai. The 4 of us are physically in  different places!

At the end of the seminar, I can conclude I have learned how to become a better English teacher in terms of preparing them for exams. I also met friend from the same area. In my group, Zarinah from UIA Gombak, Suryani and Aida from UiTM Kelantan, Harieza Hashim from UKM, etc… Last but not least the buffet was good, at least for me. I tried to eat everything but it is impossible. One thing that I have learned from the head chef himself, if I want to keep the half boiled egg warm, cover it in / with rice.

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On 18 April, I had a seminar on “How to Get Published” by Prof Dr Mohamed Amin Embi of UKM. We (3 English Tamhidi Teachers) went by van provided by USIM. I have been to the place in Nov 1999 for a Kursus Mahasiswa Cemerlang organized by UKM. The presentation by the speaker is very good. I had the opportunity to approach the speaker during tea break and he said if I am really interested to teach English, my niche would be English for Science and Technology since I already have a BSc and an MSc. His specialty is e-learning.

Glory Beach Resort PDLater that day, during lunch, I was handed a key by the organizer. The three of us should be able to make use of the room for resting and praying in the afternoon. Then to my friends’ surprise, it is a key to a 2 bedroom apartment. One thing lead to another, we decided to come that evening and stay overnight. June had to pass, she had to go home. But Afz wanted to stay. I called my mom, and she allow me to bring only 3 kids, Syiby, Ashbi and DikYa, plus my kids. So, when we got back to USIM later, I drove home and picked them up, with Afz driving WJY (I need to hold Aidah), off we went to Glory Beach Resort.

When we arrived, it was already 6.45 pm, but my brothers still wanted to go into the pool. Off we went, including me! Arifah had a really good time. The next day, we spent about 4 hours at the poolside. On the way home, all 4 of the tired chidren was sleeping soundlessly at the back, while I had a nice get-to-know conversation with my new collegue, Afzan. 


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