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A big gap.

Dear friends and family.

I know it has been a long time since I wrote here. My husband is back in May, and since then I have been busy devoting my time at home and making home a better place to live in. Up until now, we have spent almost RM30k on bedroom furniture, fridge, lamps, paints, etc. And now we dont have enough to expand the kitchen. We have bought the materials, simen, sand, rocks, bricks, worth RM500, but when we call a work man to come, he ask for RM4k!!! Eddy decided to make the construction himself.

What else? We went to Segamat last week. My cousin, Faiz got married to his high school sweetheart, on 8.8.08, and the dowry is RM8888.88!!

Next week we will go to Cameron Highlands for a family day of Eddy’s side. His whole family will be there. Will update the pictures.

See you soon.


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On 19 April, we (Ayoh+Mok+ Adik, Mynie+Hanief+Munief+Afiefah, me+Arifah+Aidah) went to a wedding reception. Ust Udah (Mufleh’s dad) is my father’s friend from UKM (they are quite close somehow inter faculty, FST – FPI things? I dont know), and Dr Ramli (Nathasa’s dad) is also his friend way back from 1970-an when they studied together in UKM Lembah Pantai and also in the UK.

Obviously, Nathasa and me are friends ever since I can remember, we have our picture taken together in a seaside in England where we played on  the sand, all 4 of us; Tasha and his brother, me and Mynie  (I think – I will find it later in ayoh’s website). And to make things closer, we were classmates since standard 1 Hijau until standard 6 Merah in SRK BBBangi, Jalan 2). I remembered wearing Aunty Jarah’s wedding dress(!!), a green kebaya songket suit when performing the evil wife of Si Tanggang (actor: Nazran Sham). That was 1988, standard 4 Merah. What a day, I still can remember the moments when we were suppose to sink with the ship.

Anyway, here is Natasha Mazna and her beloved husband Mohd Soleh Mufleh (if I didnt come to your nikah ceremony, I would’t know your full name!). 

Mufleh with me has a different story. We were at the same school of SRK BBBangi as well (with Tasha), but different class. But during sekolah agama (JAIS-kain hijau), I met and noticed him. We were in the same class in Standard 5, SRA Sg Merab. I tried to join this school because we had just moved in to Sg Merab, but later I had to quit and re-enter SRA BBB (sebelah Balai Polis BBB). The following year,  I met him again, in tuition class for UPSR in Ust Idris’s residence in Teras Jernang (Mynie bought a piece of land from him in Sg Merab). Ust Idris is founder of Asrama Anak Yatim Darul Izzah. Ahmad (Ust Idris’s son) later weds Dr Wahab’s #5; daughter who is doing medic in UIA ( classmate of Zidni, my brother #3). There were only 10 of us in that class room, using a table tennis as the only table for all of us.

Then I lost track of him. One day, in SMKA S Kajang, when I was in form 2, while going down the stairs from the Headmaster’s office to the teacher’s room, I saw his dad. I great salam to him, and then I saw Mufleh. Later, he was in my classroom, sitting in front of me. All the while being ‘at his back’, I seldom heard his voice. I know he always makes jokes, because I can tell when he is laughing his back shakes, ha ha ha… And every now and then, sometimes every day, we went home together on the BDK 6594, the Sum Bus (bas merah), but we never talk. I still remember Uncle Veluyutham, he knows  where I live, so he would stop exactly in front of the road leading to my house, the last stop before taling the same route back to Kajang. Mufleh and I started having conversation, I think after I graduated from UKM in 2001. He came to our house (my parents were there) in one occasion (alone), I can’t remember why. Do you, Mufleh?Din

Mufleh and Tasha. All the best for you guys, have fun staying in Australia!!!  Some of our friends come to the wedding. Here are they…. Ahmad Nasruddin ‘Atiqullah Fakhrullah and family.

Nazaha Idris with husband, Amin and boys, Hakimi and Hafiy.Nazaha

Newly weds, Shaiful Helmi Shafie and Azlina Ali. Sorry you guys, I could not come to your weddings (both in Kajang and Putrajaya). My grandfather died, so we had to rushed back to Trg that weekend. Nazaha sms me while we were in the Tanah Perkuburan….. al FatihahHelmi and Azlina to Tokki, passed away at the age of 73.


Next in line, Alfian Daniel and Hamidah Draman. Hamidah is with child, they brought their eldest daughter Pianand the second, a boy.



Last but not least Mr Ekma Feroza. Can you see the woman on top right? That’s my mom. She was talking to our neighbour, wife of late Ust Abu Bakar.Ekma

Lastly, have an enjoyable life everybody…. Hope to see you soon later.

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Kemensah Wedding

Salam Muhibbah.

Last weekend was quite hectic for me. I did not go home to my parents’ as usual. Instead, we spend Friday evening and Saturday cleaning the house (Arifah did help me!). We went out to BBB Seksyen 1 for Sate Hj S@muri. At 3.30 pm, my mother in law along with 3 of her children came. She slept over with Saadah (the youngest) while the other two grown up boys stayed at Abg Lang’s place in Batu Caves.

Early in the morning, all of us (5)  make a quick pit stop at my parents and later arrived at Kemensah Heights at 11.00 am on time for the nikah ceremony of my husband’s second cousin, Rozianna Mohd Tahir. Mak Teh Rahimaton (the bride’s mother) is my father in law’s cousin. Here are some of the pictures taken.





See you soon. I am going to talk about an unplanned reunion of ex SMKA S at Mufleh’s wedding yesterday.


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